Smith Dalia Projects Honored at AUDC Awards


This May, the Atlanta Urban Design Commission celebrated its 40th year of awards. Smith Dalia was honored to have its projects prominently showcased for the awards ceremony.

Atlanta Urban Design Commission Award of Excellence – Armour Yards – 165 Ottley Drive [Pictured]
Atlanta Urban Design Commission Community Design Award – Edgewood Community Garden Learning Center (NPU O)
Atlanta Urban Design Commission Community Design Award – Metropolitan Library (NPU X)

Additionally, the Atlanta Urban Design Commission chose 40 projects out of the 507 that have been honored over the 40-year history of the event, to represent outstanding efforts.

Of the 40, Smith Dalia was Architect of Record on three:

King Plow Arts Center (1994)
White Provision (2010) 
Inman Quarter (2016)

Tim Keane said it best:

“This year we recognize continued excellence…and look forward with great anticipation to the future efforts of community members, preservationists, architects, artists, and urban designers.”

Tim Keane – Commissioner, Atlanta Department of City Plannning, 5/11/2017