White Provision

Atlanta, GA

White Provision has redefined mixed-use properties, fostering pride and community ties among businesses, restaurants and upscale condominiums. The seamless transition between living, work and leisure within a compact few blocks has become one of Atlanta’s most desirable urban lifestyle environments.

A historic meat-packing plant, the landmark White Provision Company serves as the development’s point of origin.  Residential, retail and office space across a 4.5-acre site, including the original red brick Industrial Gothic plant, interface with newly constructed condominium, boutique, retail and restaurant spaces.

Principles of sustainable community development can be seen in establishing connectivity with the neighboring Westside development, via the new 14th St. pedestrian bridge, now a busy footpath over the railroad corridor. Continuation of the city street grid through the property further improved connectivity and daylighting. A strategy of “less equals more” brought order to the site’s haphazard series of additions. In one instance, an entire two-level bay of the existing building was removed, and now provides an iconic central entry point and pedestrian breezeway through the building. White Provision successfully forges a village feel while retaining historic character and warmth.


• 2010 Atlanta Urban Design Commission's "Award of Excellence"
• 2010 ULI Atlanta "Development of Excellence" Award
• 2010 Atlanta Regional Commission "Development of Excellence" Award

Photo Credits: Zach Rolen
Sarah Dorio