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Inman Quarter Atlanta, Georgia

Formerly known as 280 Elizabeth, Inman Quarter has just been named one of the Top 10 Atlanta Projects Finishing-Starting-Progressing in 2014 by Curbed Atlanta. This project consists of a high-density, mixed-use development on a sensitive urban site. Occupying the last large undeveloped land tract in the historic Inman Park neighborhood, the plan responds to a rich existing neighborhood context. A balance of mixed uses and green space will activate and complement this already vibrant area.

The development includes retail & other commercial spaces, residential apartments, significant open space improvements and a parking structure. Based on the fundamental intentions of the Inman Park Historic District, the concept reflects both appropriate spatial relationships between buildings and to the street. The design is compatible with present scale, architectural characteristics and character of this subarea, and will blend harmoniously with its context.

The importance of parks and open space, both internal and external is apparent. The design encourages pedestrians to flow through and experience landscaped outdoor spaces for both active and passive enjoyment. The intent is for an aesthetic, diversified urban environment where people can live, work and play. This is a very customized approach to a highly valued site that will help connect, support and enhance this neighborhood.

Classifications: Multi-family